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*** Interesting and funny video of Novak Djokovic ***

                       Dancing with Nole
After his third round match with Troicki, Novak was given a ballroom dancing lesson on an outside court in Melbourne Park by " Dancing with the Stars " television celebrity Kim Johnson. Fans were thrilled with his dancing skills and he once again proved that he is one of the most popular players and showmen nowadays! 

                Novak crazy dance after match - US Open 2011

      Australian Open 2011 - Novak, Federer, Roddick, Murray...

                               Funny Djokovic - WTF London 2010

                  Novak Djokovic Vs Rafa Nadal Funny Point

                   Funny Djokovic vs Federer US Open 2009

                      Novak plays a painful joke on reporter!

        Nole and Dule world championships in "MINI" tennis

                    Novak Djokovic - Road to Roland Garros

                     Novak Djokovic scores on and off court

          Funny Caroline Interrupts Novak's Press Conference

              Novak Djokovic's parody of Shakira and Nadal

                                  Djokovic, before a match!

Novak Djokovic and Girlfriend - ATP World Tour Uncovered

Wimbledon 2011 Men's Final - Funny Djokovic Funny Intervew

                          Novak Djokovic - " I Will Survive "

                             Djokovic hits beautiful Ballgirl!

                                Djokovic aka "The Joker"!

          Novak& The Bryan Bros performing "Autograph"

        Bryan Bros Band feat. Andy Murray & Novak Djokovic 

Ja Boo - Djoker / The song dedicated to Novak 

               Djokovic feat Bob Sinclar - Roland Garros Remix

              Djokovic and Nadal dancing salsa in Colombia

          Novak Djokovic plays tennis on wings of flying plane!
Novak Djokovic - Last interview (before take off for Wingtennis)

          Novak Djokovic - Cockpit-Check for " Wingtennis "

    Novak Djokovic - Feeling his legs after " Wingtennis "  

               HEAD YouTek TV Player - Portrait Novak Djokovic

                      Novak Djokovic: Cheater or the Joker?

                             Djoko Entertains A Young Fan

              *100.000 fans welcome Nole home!*
World no.1 Novak Djokovic was greated by 100,000 people in front of the National Assembly of Serbia in Belgrade on Monday. 06.07.2011. / Wimbledon

                     DOCUMENTARY ABOUT NOLE (full)
Links:    1. DjokoLand ( 1          *click on red color!
                  2. DjokoLand ( 2          *click on red color!
                  3. STORY ABOUT THE KING OF TENNIS! (CNN)   *click on red color!
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